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Welcome to the Jessica Stam Icon Challenge community. Please join, if you're interested.

Your Mod: fame_n_glitter
Banner Maker: loverunway

currently: challenge #03. is open.

[x] In order to win, you must follow the rules.
[x] All icons must fit lj's standards (100x100, 40kb, .jpg .gif .png format)
[x] Remember, this is a stillness community, so no animation of icons is allowed.
[x] You may post up to 3 icons per challenge.
[x] You must use the pictures provided by me and the icons must include Jessica herself or parts of HER body (only if I post ads including more models).
[x] In order to win, you must vote, but you cannot vote for yourself nor ask others to vote for you.
[x] Don't use other people's work and claim them as your own.
[x] Do not post your icons anywhere else until the challenge and voting is over.
[x] Your icon(s) must be entered this way:

[x] Enjoy! ;)

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